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About Sungrow Batteries

Warranty: At the 10 years mark, Sungrow-Samsung guarantees up to 70% of the original energy retainment.
Cell Technology: Utilises ‘Prismatic Cells’ that are designed to be lighter and to conserve space.
Discharge Rate: The battery can drain up to 10% before having to recharge (rather than the 30% of other batteries on the market)
Average Cycles: The battery averages 4000 cycles during its product life.
Installation: Indoor installation available. Floor and wall installations available

Sungrow-Samsung SDI
Samsung SDI has been a prevalent technology manufacturer since the 1970s. Their innovation and fantastic customer service allow them to be among the top performers in the market.

Sungrow has been a top performing solar manufacturer since their establishment in 1997. Combined with the innovation of Samsung, their solar products are both technologically advanced and reliable. The Sungrow team provides local Australian support for information and warranty inquiries.

PowCube Batteries
The Sungrow-Samsung residential energy storage system, the PowCube 4.8, is an ideal choice to facilitate the self consumption of PV power by storing excess energy and using it later in the evening. This battery option is a highly reliable and safe product, designed to save you hundreds on your peak time electricity bills. Although only being available in a 4.8kWh size, their unique cell designs allows for multiple batteries to be installed safely in a compact environment.

Sungrow-Samsung features industry leading depth of discharge rates and DC round-trip efficiency. Depth of discharge refers to the percentage of a battery energy that has been discharged relative to the overall capacity of the battery. The Sungrow-Samsung battery boasts a discharge rate of up to 95% in its first year. On average, a family of four saved up to $854 per year by using this battery instead of purchasing from the electricity retailer.

PowCube batteries (whose model name is SPB4K8) come in sleek, metallic grey enclosures that are approved for mounting on walls or floors. The modular design of the inverter and battery allows for the setup of multiple battery packs if necessary. When installed with a compatible EPS (Emergency Power Supply) device, your battery will power critical devices such as your lights, fridge, security system, healthcare devices etc in the event of a blackout. The battery monitoring is a simple one-click online system firmware update, allowing you to track and remotely update your battery on a mobile device or computer.

The Sungrow-Samsung battery range is a highly reliable and safe product. Their Robust Solar BMS (Battery Management System) provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level. The optimised BMS cooperates seamlessly with the EMS (Intelligent Energy Management System) to provide multiple levels of protection in the battery such as fuses in the cells and system. Their Smart hibernation technology maintains the battery’s state of health. The use of prismatic cells also allows for the safe installation of multiple batteries to create a larger system.


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