Soltaro Inverters Brisbane & Gold Coast


Australian designed and engineered, Soltaro has stormed the solar industry with their ‘All in One’ battery inverter combo. As their product portfolio expands, so does the possibilities of power storage. Their modern aesthetic design is equipped with blue LED panels, system monitoring and a range of protective functions.

Max Efficiency: 97.5%
Warranty: 10 years

– Full EPS Emergency Power Supply mode with or with out batteries connected to the system. Yep you heard that right. No battery, gird goes out but the suns still out the house just runs of the PV system using the EPS
– On or off grid. Install this in an off grid situation with full warranty
– 10,000 cycles and 10 years warranty
– 24/7 remote monitoring. The factory monitors every system installed with a Wi-Fi connection. They will see an issues, diagnose it and remote fix it or if needed book a technician to come and fix before the customer even knows they have an issue
– Full remote software upgrade and on going support
– Install up to 5 batteries on 1 inverter
– Virtual network ready. When virtual grids are mainstream and you can allow you battery to be drained by an energy company that pays you the Soltaro does not need any additional hardware its ready to go now. Its just waiting for the power companies to catch up
– Remote diagnostics available to check the system and fix any faults that may arise.
– Plug and play install. Very quick to attached a battery. 3 cables and a few minutes.


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$0 Deposit 5 Years Interest Free Payment Plans Available

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