SolaX Battery Brisbane & Gold Coast


Warranty: At the 10 years mark, Solax guarantees up to 80% of the original energy retainment (compared to 60% of other battery companies).
Discharge Rate: The battery can drain to 10% before having to recharge (rather than the 30% of other batteries on the market)
Average Cycles: The battery averages 6000 cycles during its product life (compared to 4000 of other battery options)
Installation: Wall mounted or floor installation available. Indoor installation available.

About SolaX
Established in 2010, SolaX has grown as an internationally recognised company with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Australia. SolaX produce some of the most efficient solar inverters and batteries on the market, allowing customers to make the most of their system performance.

SolaX Battery
The latest SolaX battery series owes its success to a number of factors such as its sleek, aesthetic design, impressive depth of discharge rates and high performance. This battery option is a highly reliable, safe product that can be installed in series of up to 4 batteries enabling 23kWh of storage. The battery options are available in sizes of 3.3kWh to 6.5kWh.

SolaX features industry leading depth of discharge rates. Depth of discharge refers to the percentage of a battery energy that has been discharged relative to the overall capacity of the battery. Unlike other battery options on the market that utilise approximately 80% of their storage capacity, the SolaX battery boasts a depth of discharge rate of up to 90% across all battery sizes. The DC round-trip efficiency is the measure of electrical losses involved in charging and discharging the battery; the higher the efficiency percentage, the more efficient the battery is in converting incoming electricity into usable power. The SolaX battery has a phenomenal round-trip rate of up to 95%.

The SolaX battery’s is easily installed on the floor or wall mounted with its aesthetic, compact design. The system is equipped with real-time display monitoring than can be accessed on your smart devices. When installed with a compatible EPS (Emergency Power Supply) device, your battery will power critical devices such as your lights, fridge, security system, healthcare devices etc in the event of a blackout.

All SolaX batteries are IP55 weather rated, allowing them to be installed in semi-outdoor locations such as a veranda or carport, though should not be located in a position exposed to direct sunlight to comply with both compliance and warranty criteria. As with any electrical/battery system, excessive prolonged heat is detrimental to the performance and life of the system. The SolaX batteries are tested to the UL1973 test standard which requires there to be no explosion or sign of fire when the cells are forced into a thermal runway condition.

The SolaX warranty is 10 years, based on 2 main factors – the remaining capacity and energy throughput based on charge and discharge cycles. All batteries reduce capacity over time due to internal cell degradation, this is not a flaw in the product quality. The SolaX warranty ensures the retained storage capacity of 90% of the Nominal energy (original amount) for either 10 years or 6000 cycles, which ever may come first.

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