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Do you need to install solar power in your Brisbane home or business? We’ve got you covered!

Surely, you have already heard about the many advantages of solar energy. However, there are some facts that you should take into consideration before installing a solar power system in your Brisbane-based property.

What is solar power?

It is a type of energy that is obtained by converting solar radiation into thermal energy and can be used to produce heat or electricity.

There are two types of solar power technologies:

Solar thermal

It is a type of solar energy in which air, water or some other fluid is used to produce heat or electricity through turbines and steam. The latter is called solar thermal electricity or concentrating solar power and is often used for big-scale solar power production.

Solar photovoltaic (PV)

It consists of using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. This type of solar power technology is provided by our solar power company with operations in Brisbane.

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What are some of the advantages of using solar power in Brisbane?

Among other things, solar power is:


In many parts of the world, including Brisbane, photovoltaic energy is cheaper than others, as well as being an important source of local employment.


Solar power is clean energy since it does not emit greenhouse gases or other wastes. For this same reason, this type of energy does not increase global warming.

In addition, it is a 100% renewable resource, since it can be obtained whenever it’s sunny.

Can I use solar panels to completely power my Brisbane-based home or business?

Yes. Our Solar Power Brisbane company offers customisable services to meet the electricity needs of any Brisbane-based property.

Can I install my own solar power system in Brisbane?

No, unless you are legally authorised for such a purpose. Indeed, according to Queensland Laws, anyone who works in the solar industry must obey Australian Consumer Law in addition to being certified, licensed, and have a good complaint handling process.

Of course, Nationwide Solar Solutions Electricians meet all of these requirements.

Do I need to be an electrician to install solar panels in Brisbane?

It depends on the type of installation. In any case, it is necessary to comply with certain legal requirements. According to Queensland Laws, those who have an unrestricted Queensland electrical contractor’s license do not need a QBCC license to install photovoltaic solar panels.

However, it’s mandatory to have one of the licenses listed below to install a solar panel located on a roof or attached to a building where the value of the work exceeds $3,300:

✔️ Structural Metal Fabrication and Erection;
✔️ Plumbing and Drainage;
✔️ Builder Open;
✔️ Carpentry;
✔️ Builder Low Rise;
✔️ Builder Medium Rise;
✔️ Roof and Wall Cladding;
✔️ Roof Tiling.

Our Solar Power Brisbane company is a proud member of the Clean Energy Council so we are more than qualified to be your solar-energy system provider.

Is it worth getting solar panels in Brisbane?

Given the high cost of electric service in Brisbane, it is a good idea to have solar panels, regardless of your average electricity consumption. Nationwide Solar Solutions works only with solar panels produced by the best brands like LG, Eging PV, LONGi Solar, Seraphim and others.

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How much does a solar power system cost in Brisbane?

Usually, a 6.6kw solar system can cost between $4,500 and $10,000 in Brisbane.

Are there Solar Rebates and Incentives for Brisbane citizens?

You bet! Two schemes make it cheaper to have solar power in your Brisbane-based home or office in addition to making the process of getting a return on your investment easier. These schemes are Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Feed-in-tariffs.

Small-scale Technology Certificates in Brisbane

After installing a solar power system, you will receive some certificates with an average value of $40 that you can either sell in the market or give to your solar installer in order to receive a discount.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs

If your solar power system produces more energy than you use, it will be sent to the energy grid and, consequently, a few cents will be deducted from your electricity bill.

Trustworthy Solar Power Brisbane company

Certainly, there are many advantages of having a solar energy system on your property. If you are already determined to purchase one, all you have to do is hire Nationwide Solar Solutions, the best Solar Power supplier. Why? We have licensed and certified installers and use only first-rate equipment. Learn about our products:

✔️ Solar Panels
✔️ Inverters
✔️ Batteries
✔️ Power stations

Moreover, this is what differentiates us:

✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee
✔️ Over 100 local installers nationwide.
✔️ We provide high-quality solar-energy installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.
✔️ We use Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring and inverters.

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“Had a 6.6kw system installed on my house with nationwide solar. They were helpful throughout the whole process. Will recommend to anyone wanting solar.” – Michael Cahill
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