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As a trusted supplier of high-quality solar panels in Sydney, we’re here to help you get the best solar solutions for your home.

As solar power increases in popularity across Australia, Nationwide Solar Solutions is ready to help homeowners make the switch. In many cases, solar panels in Sydney can reduce electric bills by up to 100%. There are many options and brands available including LONGi, LG, and Q Cell. Our company only installs TIer 1 systems and is CEC accredited to ensure the warranty and workmanship of every project.

Is solar power worth it in Sydney?

With fairly sunny skies to produce power and government incentives to drive down the costs, Sydney and the surrounding areas are great places to go solar. Sydney actually experiences more sunny days than many other major Australian cities and benefits from nearly 100 days with clear skies each year. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from adding solar to your home:

  • Solar power can help reduce your overall electricity cost and your reliance on the main grid.
  • All solar power systems pay for themselves over time with energy offset savings.
  • Using clean renewable energy is a great way to help the planet and your bills.

How to know if solar panels are right for your home

Typically, if you have the space on your roof and are interested in saving money on your regular electric bill, you can’t go wrong with solar panels in Sydney. Some things to consider include:

  • How much power you need to generate to cover your electrical needs
  • Whether your local municipality has regulations or restrictions on solar installs
  • How old and what condition your existing roof and structure are in
  • How much you are currently paying for electricity each year
  • Whether you have enough space on your roof for the system size you need
  • How much direct sunlight your roof is exposed to

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How much do solar panels cost in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the most competitive places in Australia for solar panel installation. While factors like size and efficiency can affect pricing, nearly all homeowners see a return on their solar investment in no more than 7 years. You’ll find the average prices for solar panel systems in Sydney are as follows:

System Size Average Cost
3 kW $4,500
5 kW $5,500
6.6 kW $6,500
10 kW $10,000

When you purchase a solar panel system for your home, you should receive the panels, inverter, batteries, and installation for the quoted price. The difference in price is based on the solar panels’ dimensions, brand, model, and installer fees. When it comes to installation, starting prices for a small rooftop can reach $3,500. However, for larger systems, installation can be priced at $8,000 and more. Keep in mind that costs may also be affected by the conversion of the Australian dollar since many of these de/vices come from abroad.

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When will I get my money back on a solar panel purchase?

What you save on a solar system is mostly appreciated over time. It may take between 5-10 years to achieve solar payback time. This compares your upfront investment to the savings you have on the total sum of electricity costs to your provider.

How does solar rebate work for the residents of the city of Sydney?

The Australian government also issues incentives and credits for those who buy solar panels. This can reduce the cost of the purchased solar system by a third! For solar panels in Sydney, homeowners receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These certificates can be used to obtain a discount on the purchase and installation of solar energy systems.

The number of STCs awarded varies according to the location and the size of the system to be installed. To be eligible, you must buy all the elements that make up the solar panel system such as panels, inverters, and batteries. Also, the system installation must be performed by a CEC-accredited provider. In most cases, your installer can provide services to manage these credits for you and will deduct them in advance from the cost of your system.

Are solar panels in Sydney difficult to maintain?

Most solar panel systems are covered by manufacturer warranties. If anything happens, whether a panel breaks in a storm or your energy output decreases, your installer should return to your home, assess the issue, and take care of it for you.

Solar panels are simple to maintain and typically only require occasional rinsing or clean up to remove dust or debris that could limit the solar cells from fully accessing the power of the sun.

What warranties come with solar panel systems?

The warranties can vary depending on the manufacturer. However, you can expect your panels to last nearly 25 years on average, and most panels are guaranteed to perform at a set efficiency for that entire timespan. While power generation warranties cover the life of the system, equipment warranties cover the first 10 years.

At Nationwide Solar Solutions, we also include a 10 year warranty on your system installation and

Why choose Nationwide Solar Solutions for your solar panels in Sydney?

Our company has the most professional team of licensed and CEC-accredited installers in Sydney. We use only Tier-1 and high-quality systems to make sure your home runs efficiently on the power of the sun. We offer a selection of products for:

In addition to equipment, we emphasize customer service and top-notch experiences. We also stand out by offering you:

✔️ Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring, and inverters

✔️ Flexibility with over 100 local installers all over Australia

✔️10-year warranties on equipment and installation with a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee

✔️ High-quality designs and installation for residential, commercial, and off-grid areas

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“Great company to deal with – really helpful – even though we lived in Sydney and they were in Brisbane, nothing was a problem. We needed the Inverter replaced, as ours was dead and not working. Finished details and payment with Trent on Tuesday 7th November – new inverter was installed on Wednesday 8th November by Trent’s Sydney associates.” – Barry Williams
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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels in Sydney

Will my solar panel system still produce energy when it is cloudy or rainy outside?

Your system will still produce some energy on overcast, cloudy, or rainy days, but it will be significantly less than on a day of full sun. Solar panels rely on the energy from the sun’s rays to produce electricity. If anything gets in the way of that, whether clouds in the sky or dust build up on the panels themselves, you’ll produce less.

What happens to all of the extra energy that we don’t use?

All of the energy you produce from your solar panels is passed along to your electrical company in a process called net metering. This tracks how much energy you produce compared to how much you consume. If the amount you use is less than what you produce, the utilities will either pay you back for the excess energy or add it as a credit on your account if you go over on usage in the future.

Can I install solar panels myself?

This is absolutely not recommended. You should choose a licensed, insured, and CEC-accredited installer. This will protect you, your home, and your solar panel system from harm. If you try to install or troubleshoot the system yourself, you could get hurt or void the warranties on the system, or both.

How long does it take to install solar panels on a residential roof?

Before your install starts, your provider will survey your home and roof, confirming the underlying structure, energy requirements, and system design. Since much of the planning happens in advance, most systems take only one day to complete installation. If your system is oversized or involves additional battery set up, the project could take two days to finish.

What should I look for in a solar panel system installer?

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing a professional installer for your solar panels in Sydney.

  • Industry Experience: Choose an installer that has a strong track record in your area directly in the solar industry.
  • Insurance and Licensing: Make sure your home, system, and all workers are covered in the unlikely event something goes wrong.
  • CEC Accreditation: The Clean Energy Council vets all members for quality, safety, and professionalism.
  • Supported Equipment: Not all installers work with or sell the same brands and equipment.
  • Customer Reviews: Check out what clients have to say about their experiences on popular review websites.

What does typical energy consumption with solar panels in Sydney look like?

5kW or 10kW solar panel systems could fit on the space provided on a common rooftop. A 5 kW solar energy system has 18 panels and can be expected, on average, to generate over 20 kWh of energy per day. This comes out to 7,300 kWh per year. For a 10kW solar energy system, you could have between 30-40 panels and generate nearly 40 kWh per day for a total of 14,600 kWh each year.

Now consider the average electricity consumption of a typical home in Sydney. This is 19kWh per day or 7,000 kWh per year. That same Sydney home could currently be paying quarterly electricity bills of $386. With a right-sized system that covers your energy consumption, you can eliminate that bill over time and save money.

Of course, these numbers are just estimates. A licensed provider will evaluate your power usage, roof space, and expected power output for a system to choose the right size and system for your needs.


We can design a solar system and payment plan to match your electricity bill. 'Going solar' won't cost you any more than you are already spending on electricity.

If you would like to learn more about how solar works, please contact us - one of our solar specialists will explain the full benefits.

Find out how much the government rebate you are entitled to!
The federal government solar rebate is available to reduce the cost of installing solar to eligible home owners. State government incentives are also available.
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