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Can I install solar panels on my own on The Sunshine Coast?

You could if you are legally authorised to do so, according to provisions of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

However, unless a legal exception applies, it is necessary to have a QBCC contractor’s license to build, alter, renovate, improve, extend, repair or improve a solar panel if the value of the work, including the cost of materials, exceeds $3,300.

How can I find a reputable Solar Panels Sunshine Coast company?

The first thing you should verify concerning a solar company is that such a company is a member of the Clean Energy Council, such as our Solar Panels Sunshine Coast company.

On the other hand, reputable solar companies only work with CEC-certified Tier-1 solar Solutions like ours that offer:

✔️ Solar Panels
✔️ Inverters
✔️ Batteries
✔️ Power stations

How many panels should I buy?

This will depend on your average power usage, budget, roof type, and whether your Distributed Network Service Provider allows solar installations.

Now, for most homes, the minimum solar system that you should consider buying is 6.6 KW. On the other hand, if you plan to have a high electricity consumption because, for example, you plan to buy an electric car, we recommend that you buy a more powerful solar system.

Given the current benefits of going solar, this type of system is one of those things you can’t get too much of.

We understand that not all pockets are the same, but we recommend that you buy the best solar system you can afford so that you have the power to spare against potential blackouts, as well as having access to the various government rebates and help the planet in the process.

How does the feed-in-tariff work in the Sunshine Coast?

The feed-in tariff consists of the amount of money that your electricity supplier must pay you for the excess energy produced by your solar system, which is fed into the grid.

There is even a 20c / kWh solar feed-in tariff available (FIT) available to Sunshine Coast homeowners.

What should be the average size of a solar system for a home or business located on the Sunshine Coast?

A solar system on the Sunshine Coast today should be at least 4.0kW.

The first solar systems that were implemented in Australia were up to 500% more expensive than the current ones; for that reason, solar companies recommended small solar systems.

However, as costs have come down, we are now recommending Sunshine Coast citizens to purchase 6.6kW solar systems to avoid continued electricity price increases and take advantage of the various tax incentives offered by the government.

In any case, our Solar Panels Sunshine Coast experts will be happy to help you.

What orientation should solar panels have on the Sunshine Coast?

The orientation of the solar panels has an impact on the total amount of energy produced by them.

In Australia, this equipment must be oriented towards the North to obtain greater energy and take advantage of the production peak that occurs at noon when the sun is in full swing.

On the other hand, solar panels that are oriented to the northeast or northwest will generate less power than those that are oriented to the north.

What is the best angle of inclination of the panels on the Sunshine Coast?

The pitch of your roof is usually the best angle to install solar panels.

However, if your roof is flat, your solar solution provider must fit tilt frames to ensure that your solar panel has the most appropriate orientation.

Technically, the ideal angle of inclination for the installation of solar panels in homes or offices on the Sunshine Coast is 26.6 °.

Which solar panel manufacturers do you recommend?

Ideally, a solar panel manufacturer should comply with the following:

Have offices in Australia and more than 30 years of operations

This means that they have an established business that can meet the warranties that their products come with and that if you need to speak to one of their representatives, you can reach them quickly.

A minimum annual turnover of $ 30 billion

This ensures that the manufacturer has been in the market longer than the time offered on their guarantees.

Be positioned in Bloomberg’s Tier One list

This is synonymous with financial strength and evidence that this company’s products are manufactured year after year.

Manufacture a large series of products (not just solar panels)

This means that if their panels don’t sell well in the future, their businesses could be saved and insured by the diversity of items they handle, thus guaranteeing that this manufacturer will comply with their solar panels warranties.

Among some of the companies that meet these requirements are LG and Q-cells.

The most professional Solar Panels Sunshine Coast company

Our Solar Panels Sunshine Coast company is happy to help you install a Solar System on your property.

Now, you may ask yourself what differentiates us from other solar companies? Well, Nationwide Solar Solutions has an incredible team of certified and licensed installers who use only world-class solar equipment. Learn more about our products:

✔️ Solar Panels
✔️ Inverters
✔️ Batteries
✔️ Power stations

Also, we offer you:

✔️ Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring and inverters.
✔️ Over 100 local installers all over Australia.
✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee
✔️ High-quality solar-energy installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.

Please contact us for further information.

One of our happy clients:

No trouble with the system

“I needed an inverter for my rooftop solar system, because the one supplied by a different provider had failed after three years. Nationwide Solar Solutions quoted me a superior inverter at a good price – so I ordered from Nationwide. The service was efficient and helpful, and the new inverter arrived in no time. Nationwide arranged for an installer in my location to fit the new inverter, carry out a safety check, and make the necessary changes with my electricity provider. Everything was completed in a timely manner, and there has been no trouble with the system since fitting the new inverter.” – John Bushell
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