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Climatic changes have become a serious threat for present as well as future generations. With the increase in reliance on imported energy is rising, fuel bills also seem to touch the sky. To address such challenges, we at Nationwide Solar Solutions feel glad to introduce solar panels Gold Coast for you.

Solar panels will for sure contribute a lot in reduction of the level of energy consumption thus accelerating your move towards sustainable lifestyle. As a leading organisation since 2Ks, we have helped people in terms of easy saving of day-to-day energy. Our team of highly expertise worker speak with thousands of householders to get to know about their issues and suggest them the best solution.

Demand for Solar Panels by Nationwide – Getting Enhanced

Nationwide Solar Solutions has also been recognised to deliver top class programs to the Australian Government along with many international companies. All activities conducted by us are pioneered by world-renowned research. We feel glad to suggest you the best solution regarding solar panels in an independent and impartial manner.

Solar energy is the cleanest and cheapest forms of energy that contributes a lot in harnessing the power of the sun for electricity production. As a result the demand for solar panels Gold Coast is getting increased on a regular basis. Our team of specialists will be visiting your site in order to explain you all pros in detail.

Get to Know about Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Gold Coast

Also, they will be offering a bill analysis for free of cost to bring to your notice the savings margin after switching on to solar energy. Nationwide is led and managed by a group of highly experienced along with talented and committed professionals. They will be glad to share ethos of the company with you through innovative thinking. Feel free to get into touch with us anytime!

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FAQs About Solar Panels Gold Coast

How do typical home solar panels work?

They absorb sunlight through their photovoltaic cells, which generates direct current (DC) energy which is subsequently converted into usable alternating current (AC) energy with the assistance of an inverter.

Then, AC energy flows through your home’s electrical panel to be used as usual.

Learn more about how solar works

Is my property suitable for installing solar panels?

It is necessary to evaluate some aspects of your home or business to know if it meets certain requirements such as having enough space for the installation, as well as the potential orientation of the solar panels, the shadows in the available space and the current electricity consumption of the building.

Moreover, your property’s roof should have enough sun exposure. Note that it’s best to orient the solar panels to the North for optimal results.

Our Solar Panels Gold Coast company will gladly inform you if you can install a solar system on your property.

What difference does the amount of received solar energy received by my solar system impact on its performance?

The greater the exposure to sunlight in your solar system, the greater the amount of energy produced by it. Take into account that there may be variations in this regard due to the weather conditions of the place and the seasons of the year.

What is the importance of roof orientation regarding the installation of solar panels on the Gold Coast?

It is of paramount importance. If a solar panel system is oriented to the South, less energy would be produced by it.

However, if your solar system is to the North, will have a greater exposure to the sun and, consequently, will produce more energy.

On the other hand, they may be oriented to the East or West depending on the case.

How is the current solar rebate on the Gold Coast?

The solar rebate is a government incentive meant to help Queensland residents to choose the cleanest and cheapest energy.

Thanks to it, the government will pay up to a third of the cost of solar systems to eligible individuals. The amount of the solar rebate in Queensland is $ 2,797.

What do I need for the Council to authorize the installation of solar panels on my Gold Coast property?

According to the applicable law, the installation of an electrical system involves risks both for the installer and for third parties. For that reason, in Queensland, it is necessary to have a QBCC contractor’s license to carry out any work related to solar panels, as long as the value of the work, including the cost of materials, exceeds $ 3,300— which is usually the case.

What is the feed-in-tariff and how much will I get paid for it?

The feed-in-tariff is a payment given to solar-system owners by the government for the excess electricity that their system generates and which is exported to the grid.

There are net and gross feed-in-tariffs: The net feed-in-tariff is paid for the amount of energy generated by the solar system.

On the other hand, the gross feed-in-tariff pays a premium for the entire amount of electrical energy generated. In Australia, net feed-in tariff is very common.

What kind of solar system do I need to have in my home?

The selection of the size of the system depends on the purpose for which it will be used and the location.

A 1.5 kW system provides coverage between 16% and 25% for the electricity consumption of a medium-sized home.

Conversely, 4-6.6 kW solar systems are usually able to cover all the electricity consumption in Australian houses.

Regardless of the solar-system size, those who buy one will have a significant (or even total) reduction in their electricity bill. Of course, the bigger the solar system, the more interesting the benefits for who owns it.

However, medium and small solar systems are great investments as well because they will help you pay less for electricity consumption.

Learn more about our Tier-1 solar panels.

Can I insure my solar system?

Yes. In fact, it may already be covered by your current home insurance policy. In any case, it is convenient that you have a meeting with your insurance advisor to verify if this is the case or if you need to make adjustments to your policy.

If energy needs increase, can the solar system be updated?

Of course. Users can purchase additional solar panels to increase power generation. However, you may need to replace your inverter with a more powerful one.

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Our Solar Panels Gold Coast company will gladly help you install a Solar System on your home or business.

Now, why should you hire us? Because we have the most professional team of licensed and certified installers and use only the best solar equipment. Learn about our products:

✔️ Solar Panels
✔️ Inverters
✔️ Batteries
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Also, we offer you:

✔️ Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring and inverters.
✔️ Over 100 local installers all over Australia.
✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee
✔️ High-quality solar-energy installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.

Please contact us for further information.

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“We are very happy with service and deal we got from Nationwide Solar Solutions they did everything they said they would and the installation of our 5KW system was completed by a friendly team, they were very professional and helpful. The sales guy was very informative and suggested the 20 panel system after looking at our bill. The price was very competitive and included high quality panels and inverter. I would highly recommend them if your looking to get a solar system.” – Evey Suwanjarern
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