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Solar panels have improved greatly over the years and the latest panels are more powerful than ever before. Panels can vary in power measure in watts and total combined power of all the solar panels is the system size calculated in kilowatts KW. For example 22 x 300 watt panels is 6600 watts or 6.6KW.

Panels are available in poly crystalline or mono crystalline, which are the ones with the diamond shape between the cells. Mono crystalline panels work better in low light conditions, so they reach full power earlier in the day, maintain full power later in the day and generate more power on cloudy days and are more expensive and better quality than the poly crystalline panels.

There are many things to consider when choosing a solar panel including the efficiency rating, power output, power drop off over time with the age of the panel affecting the performance, hail repellent qualities of the glass and moisture protection system in the manufacturing process to ensure no moisture getting inside the panel creating mould, which will block the light and render the panel useless.

Tier 1 solar panels is a term used in the solar industry to describe the top tier of solar panels brands, but don’t be fooled as there are are 350 panels in the Tier 1 list and many of them are poor quality. In order to get the government rebate solar panels must be in the Tier 1 list. We recommend the top 10 panels on the Tier 1 Bloomberg list which is an independent list, which ensures fantastic quality, performance and reliability.

Most solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty and a 10 year product warranty, as there are no moving parts in a solar panel the performance warranty is the most important as this guarantees that the panel with produce DC energy (battery power) for a minimum of 25 years.

Split panels are one way you can reduce efficiency loss from shading issues at your property. A split panel is like having 2 solar panels in 1, so if one section of the panel is affected by shade, it does not affect the opposite side of the panel. If you would like to know more about the solar panels please contact one of our solar specialist and we will answer your questions and recommend a solar panel that suits your energy needs and budget.

Frequently Asks Questions

Is it worth getting solar panels in Brisbane 2021?

Yes. Regardless of where you live in Australia, it is still an excellent idea to purchase solar panels nowadays, even taking into account factors that play a role in this regard, such as costs, savings and payback.

Can we run AC with solar panels?

Yes. Solar panels produce energy that is used during the day. If there is any surplus, it is stored in batteries or goes to the grid, thus generating commissions in your favour thanks to the solar rebate.If the energy produced by your solar panels is not enough to cover your electrical consumption needs, the remaining energy will be covered by your electrical service.If you have any questions, our solar experts’ team will be happy to help.

Solar panels Brisbane: What is their ROI?

The return on investment for solar panels in Brisbane will depend on the brand and power of each of these devices, but, on average, it varies between 2.5-5 years.This is if you only take into account the money that you will stop paying for electricity services, but solar panels have an additional advantage: they increase the value of your Brisbane-based home or business.

Do solar panels come with warranties in Brisbane?

Yes, solar systems usually come with product and performance warranties.Product warranties are enforceable when there are problems in the PV module that causes the equipment to malfunction.This can happen due to diode failure in the junction box or when the solar panel’s glass gets internally wet or breaks.On the other hand, the performance warranties for these devices guarantee that they will generate power for 25 years, although the amount of such power decreases over time.Learn more about our warranties

What time of day are solar panels most efficient?

Solar panels produce electrical energy during the daytime, between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, approximately, hours in which the most incandescent solar rays are used. At night, they produce zero energy.

Can you power your home just with solar panels?

This will depend, among other things, on your average electricity consumption. In any case, 28-34 250-watt solar panels are usually required to power most Brisbane houses with solar panels.

Do solar panels work when there isn’t much sunlight?

Yes. Ideally, this equipment should have direct sunlight exposure, but it will also work in cloudy skies at 40% capacity. Also, solar panels produce energy that is stored in batteries to be used, for example, during nighttime.Moreover, consider that during winter it is advisable to keep the solar panels surfaces free of snow to ensure their optimal functioning.Please read our article on how solar works for more information in this regard.

What is the maximum temperature a solar panel can withstand?

Depending on the model, solar panels resist a maximum of 185-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Please note that these devices are designed to withstand temperatures higher than the average climate recorded by local meteorological services without jeopardizing their structure or efficiency.

Which are the best solar panels?

Our Solar panels Brisbane company works only with the best solar panels brands on the market, among which are the following:


EGing is a widely-known internationally high-tech company, established in 2003. It is in charge of the research, planning, production and marketing process of photovoltaic equipment and its parts. This company’s solar panels have a lifespan of up to 30 years and can withstand air pressures of 2,400 and 5,400 Pa on their front and sides, respectively.

Besides, the texturing of their solar panels’ photovoltaic cells surfaces provides excellent efficiency in the presence of opacity, with an operating time of up to 30 years.

Moreover, these panels have a power rating of 370W, an efficiency of 18.5% – 19.5%, a 25- year linear performance output warranty, and a 10-year product warranty.


Another world-class manufacturer famous for producing high-quality devices and appliances, and great customer service. LG has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of solar energy. LG’s solar panel designs are manufactured with durable components that provide resistance properties up to 5400 Pa.

Their frames are covered by a solid material that gives solar panels greater hardness and resistance to corrosion. Part of LG’s manufacturing process consists of verifying if solar panels have micro-cracks, which cannot be seen without a microscope.

Finally, LG’s solar panels have a power range of 320W-375W, an efficiency of 19.3% – 21.7%, a 25-year equipment-operation performance warranty, and a 10-year product warranty.

Longi Solar

Longi Solar was created in 2000 and is currently one of the most internationally-respected solar panel manufacturers thanks to its high standards of efficiency and guarantees.

All the above has helped this company sell more than 7 GW of solar worldwide.

In addition, Longi Solar solar panels comply with IEC and UL quality standards, which verify that products comply with the corresponding safety standards before they enter the different markets.

Besides, they have a power rating of 310W – 350W, an efficiency of 18% – 22%, a 25-Year linear performance warranty and a 12-year product warranty.

Which company has the best Solar Panels in Brisbane?

Our Solar Panels Brisbane company is your best choice in this regard. Why? Not only do we sell the best solar panels but also install and service them and we have an outstanding staff.Indeed, we have licensed and certified installers in Brisbane, Sydney, the Sunshine and Gold Coast, and all over Australia and use only first-rate devices. Learn about our products:✔️ Solar Panels✔️ Inverters✔️ Batteries✔️ Power stationsAlso, when you hire us you’ll get:✔️ High-quality solar-energy fast installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee✔️ Solar Approvals & Metering✔️ Wi-Fi Monitoring System Performance & Fault DetectionPlease contact us for further information.One of our happy clients:

Highly recommended
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“We are very happy with the service and deal we got from Nationwide Solar Solutions. They did everything they said they would and the installation of our 5KW system was completed by a friendly team, they were very professional and helpful. The sales guy was very informative and suggested the 20 panel system after looking at our bill. The price was very competitive and included high quality panels and inverters. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking to get a solar system. – Evey Suwanjarern
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