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Nationwide Solar Solutions holds high specialisation in designing and installation of creatively engineered solar systems Sydney. We believe in firm integration of the entire system along with high customer satisfaction. You will be getting dependable hot water systems along with photo voltaic system and rain water harvesting systems at affordable rate. Our clients will for sure get hassle free inception and commission.

Natural resources are about to get extinct. In order to preserve them for forthcoming generations, we at Nationwide Solar Solutions have taken the initiative to install high quality commercial solar Sydney by auspicious hands of experts. Solar energy is no doubt free of cost and prevents further pollution of the environment. As a result their demand is becoming common in homes as well as business places at a high rate.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Sydney

If you are determined to set up a solar system, then get ready to shake hands with us as we are here to serve our honourable clients diligently. Installation of solar systems Sydney will download the free energy of sun thus contributing in preserving natural fuels. Advantages in association with solar systems are uncountable!

Commercial places planning to generate electricity by solar panels require high quality inverter. Nationwide Solar Solutions has come to supply you with best quality device that will for sure give high performance. Electricity will be stored into batteries will be able to use it to meet needs of household appliances.

The team of Nationwide Solar Solutions has come to allure its clients with renewable and highly sustainable solar energy solutions that have been designed custom with best technology. Our solutions have been engineered to be a highly cost effective and highly dedicated support system to meet needs at the best.

Our Customised Sunshine Coast Solar Solutions

Our each phone consultation is concise, in-depth and enables us to learn more about your energy needs and how they can be met. Our industry-experts discuss your present energy usage, requirements, budget and type of project so that you get the best of solar products or solar solutions. During the process of consultation, the experts make use of digital mapping to review the orientation and location of the site and thus come up with solutions that would be best for the same.

Utilisation of Optimum Quality Material by Vendors

The range of products that are made available from our valuable side is no doubt obtained from famous and genuinely certified vendors of the industry. Optimum quality material for Solar System Sydney is utilised by our selective vendors during the production process so that the final product complies with global quality standards.

Nationwide Solar Solutions, Sydney has bagged the recognition for being among reputed traders and service providers of solar systems of unmatched assortment quality like:

✔️ On Grid System
✔️ Off Grid System
✔️ Micro-Grid System
✔️ Pump System and many more.

Installing Solar Panels in All over Sydney!

Meeting the aim of harnessing forces for society through a balanced combination of knowledge and experience makes Nationwide Solar Solutions to manage every need in a tactful manner. We promise to adhere to stringent ethical codes and innovative tools thus proving our capability to satisfy requirements of customers in an optimal manner.

Long term experience in the respective field along with knowledge and innovation contributed to specialise in solar EPC. Our team carries on with their innovations to meet demand of almost all types of customers to guarantee growth and favourable result. Our customer service team is always in a ready state to shake its hands with our customers. Feel free to get into touch with Nationwide Solar Solutions, Sydney anytime.

We will be glad to serve you!

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FAQs About Solar Panel Installation Sydney

How do photovoltaic (PV) solar panels work?

The term photovoltaic refers to the conversion of sunlight into electrical current. Now, photovoltaic solar panels work in the following way: they create electrical current by allowing photons, or particles of light, to collide with free electrons in atoms.

The internal structure of solar panels is composed of photovoltaic cells that are nothing more than multiple modules of smaller size. The interconnection of multiple cells forms solar panels.

The structure of photovoltaic cells resembles a sandwich.

They are made up of two sheets of semiconductor material, usually silicon, the same material used in the field of microelectronics.The electric field is generated in photovoltaic cells. Similar to the magnetic field that originates from opposite poles, the electric field is generated when opposite charges separate.

Manufacturers, to form this magnetic field, add silicon and other materials to each component, giving each piece of the sandwich a positive or negative electrical charge.

More specifically, manufacturers provide additional electrons to the top layer of silicon by adding phosphorous to it.

In the same way, they add boron to the lower layer, which reduces its electrons and increases its positive charge. The addition of these substances contributes to the formation of the electric field. Thus, when a photon of sunlight collides with a free electron, the electric field expels it out of the silicon junction.

However, to convert these electrons into usable energy, the presence of other components is necessary.Moreover, on the sides of the cell, two metallic conductive discs are in charge of storing the electrons and transferring them to the conductive elements (cables). Then, as it happens with any other source of electricity, electrons move.

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How long do photovoltaic solar panels last?

On average, photovoltaic solar panels last between 25-30 years.

Why is it necessary to service solar systems?

Solar panel systems require periodic maintenance.Ensuring that your solar panel system is working properly, efficiently, and safely relies on regular assessments, because dust and sediment build-up can compromise its performance over time.

You should be aware that environmental phenomena such as hail, wind, sunlight and moisture, as well as some living organisms (vermin), can also damage or deteriorate the system.As long as the operation of the solar panel system is frequently monitored, this device will be safe for all the people who are within the business or office where it is installed, as well as for the electricians who work in the distribution network.

The bottom line is that the performance of solar panels also depends on routine maintenance, which causes a decrease in electrical service costs for a long time.

Is your solar system in need of service? Our Solar Installer Sydney company can take care of it.

What should I take into account before doing maintenance on solar panels?

Solar panel system care includes the following:

– Check electrical components to verify that they are working properly.
– Check that there is no residue in the ventilation grids.
– Make sure that the emergency instructions for disconnection and isolation are visible, and verify that switches are easily accessible.
– Clean the solar panels, in addition to checking that they are tight and without defects.
– Check that the parts are not deteriorated or corroded.
– Check that the switches are not damaged.
– Confirm that accessories and cables fit properly.
– Check that the cables are not deteriorated or damaged.

Who is in charge of routinely checking solar systems?

Inspection and maintenance of solar panel systems should be performed only by a licensed electrician or a solar panel system installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Note that turning off the switch on a solar panel system does not mean that the components are no longer an electrical hazard, which differentiates the former from other conventional electrical products.

On the other hand, when the systems are installed on rooftops, it may be necessary to carry out some maintenance work at height, which involves additional risks.

Get to know our expert team of solar electricians.

Solar Panel Installation Sydney: What are the advantages of using solar energy for the environment?

The positive impact that solar energy has on the environment is indisputable.

Indeed, the reduction of greenhouse gases around the world depends on the existence of alternatives to fossil fuels since the former reduce both the individual and collective carbon footprint.

Fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal provide much of the electrical current. Obtaining and using fossil fuels is costly and harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, dependence on fossil fuels is progressively decreasing due to investment in solar energy.

What government incentives are currently available for Sydney citizens regarding the implementation of solar systems and how does the eligibility work for each of them?

The citizens of Sydney count on the following incentives for the installation of solar systems, some of which apply only to that city while others have national validity.

Empowering homes

This 2020 program is an additional step taken by the government for the implementation of solar systems in Sydney and consists of granting interest-free loans for the acquisition of solar batteries.

One of the requirements for being eligible for this program is being an NSW citizen with an income of up to $180,000.

Smart Home Battery Scheme

This incentive allows you to save up to $4,000 when purchasing solar batteries or a complete home solar system.

Only people who live in Sydney’s Hills District or work anywhere in Sydney or Norwest Business Park are eligible for this incentive.

The Regional Community Energy Fund

These initiatives by the Regional Community Energy are:

✔️ Grants for community energy projects
✔️ Funding for both community energy hubs and regional/remote communities

The STC program

STC stands for Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This program is implemented throughout Australia and is intended to boost the implementation of renewable energy systems throughout the country.

This program’s rebate is currently worth approximately $600 per kW of installed solar panels.

For more information on financial incentives for the implementation of solar systems in Sydney, contact our specialized team of solar electricians.

Why choose us? Well, our Solar Installer Sydney company has licensed and certified solar installers and uses world-class equipment. Learn more about our products:

✔️ Solar Panels
✔️ Inverters
✔️ Batteries
✔️ Power stations

Besides, we offer you:

✔️ High-quality solar-energy installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.
✔️ Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring and inverters.
✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee
✔️ Over 100 local installers nationwide.

Please contact us for further information.

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“Great company to deal with – really helpful – even though we lived in Sydney and they were in Brisbane nothing was a problem. We needed the Inverter replaced as ours was dead and not working. Finished details and payment with Trent on Tuesday 7th November – new inverter was installed on Wednesday 8th November by Trent’s Sydney associates.” – Barry Williams
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We can design a solar system and payment plan to match your electricity bill. 'Going solar' won't cost you any more than you are already spending on electricity.

If you would like to learn more about how solar works, please contact us - one of our solar specialists will explain the full benefits.

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The federal government solar rebate is available to reduce the cost of installing solar to eligible home owners. State government incentives are also available.
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