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How much does it cost to install solar in Brisbane?

Each case is different, but our company offers solar systems starting at $2,999, including installation costs.

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What to know before installing solar panels?

First, check your electricity bill to find out what your average electricity consumption is. That information is one of the elements that your solar installer will take into consideration to recommend an appropriate solar system for your property.

Additionally, you should consider these specific aspects of your roof:

Potential repairs

You need to evaluate the roof on which you want to install solar panels.

Indeed, you must know how long ago the said roof was built and verify its current conditions to make the respective repairs, if any, before installing solar panels.

Otherwise, you may need to spend a significant amount of money in the future to remove the new solar panels from your damaged roof, repair the latter and reinstall the former. On the other hand, solar panels that are installed on an optimal-condition roof can last up to 20 years.

Roof shape and size

It is necessary to measure your roof to verify that you have enough space to install solar panels on it. Now, your solar panels may be placed facing West or South, depending on which of these cardinal points is more favourable for the production of electricity on your property.

Roof Weight

Before installing solar panels, professionals must verify the maximum weight your roof can support. Otherwise, it could collapse along with your solar panels, thus causing you more expenses, let alone potentially endangering the lives of those present on your property when this occurs.

Roof pitch

A roof leak could result from an incorrect solar system installation if a proper drainage mechanism is not set up. Indeed, the company or person in charge of installing your solar system is obliged to inform you about potential complications. Besides, they must tell you how the solar panel installation will not affect your roof’s drainage system.

Another factor that you must take into consideration is the occurrence of hurricanes, storms, etc. We recommend that you check if your home insurance would cover eventual damages caused to your solar panels by these meteorological events.

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Frequently Asks Questions

If I install solar, what happens at night?

Solar panels depend on sunlight to produce energy. When they produce more energy than is used, the excess is stored in batteries and that stored energy can be used at night.

If your solar system does not produce excess energy, your property’s additional energy requirements will be covered by your electricity company —and charged on your electricity bill, for that matter.

Do panels degrade over time?

Although there are differences in this regard based on solar panel brands and models, on average they have a lifespan of 25 years. After that, they begin to degrade and operate at a reduced capacity.

How does solar save me money?

Solar Systems save you money in various ways:

First, there are feed-in-tariffs, for which you are paid for the excess energy produced by your solar system.

There are also the Small-scale Technology Certificates, which are financial instruments issued by the Federal Government as rebates for product or asset owners, and can be used for the installation of a solar system in Brisbane.

The value and quantity of these certificates that each Queenslander can receive vary depending on their place of residence, but it is possible to obtain such information thanks to this Clean Energy Regulator calculator.

But more importantly, depending on the solar system in question, you will recover your investment in 2.5- 6 years. After that, you will pay little or nothing for your electricity bill for the rest of your solar system’s useful life.

How much is the solar rebate in Queensland?

On average, the solar rebate in Queensland is $ 2,797 and most Queenslanders are qualified for this discount. Our Solar Installers Brisbane experts will gladly tell you exactly how much would the solar rebate be in your case.

Are solar panels covered by home insurance in Brisbane?

Taking into account that solar panels are considered part of the house or business where they are installed, it is recommended to review the terms and conditions of your insurance policy contract to verify if they are covered by it.

In any case, it is recommended that you consult with your insurance advisor if you should make adjustments in the amount of the sum insured by your insurance policy.

Additionally, our Solar Installers Brisbane professionals recommend that you check if your insurance policy would cover you in case your solar panel is damaged.

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“Great team of installers led by Tom. Communicated with me throughout the process. Very happy with the installation and with the Nationwide office team of Trent and Toni from the initial sale and then kept me up to date with the installation schedule. Highly recommended.” – Peter Dubnyck
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