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Nationwide Solar Solution – the leading solar power installer of Australia brings to you an exceptional range of solar batteries that are able to manage energy efficiently- providing backup, saving money and helping you embrace the solar power 24-hours a day. Further, with the solar battery Cairns you can practice “energy rate arbitrage” i.e. store maximum solar power when cheap and then use them for your premises when the rates are higher. This gives double the benefits and maximizes your savings too!

In addition, with our integrated solar modules you will never have to worry about the lights going off, as the system automatically connects with the power stored in batteries during an outrage. This makes it simple, convenient and reliable solution.

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Solar Batteries Cairns from Nationwide Solar Solutions

When choose the batteries from our range of solar products then you grab the opportunity to get much more than equipment. You gain a complete access to our team of skilled and qualified professionals certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) who are there to help you get the solar system running to perfection. Plus, if you already have a system and want to upgrade it then we can help you with the same too.

Using the different solar battery Cairns types you can revamp the existing solar panels and breathe a new life into the overall performance of the system. The products and the installation services that will be required in the process are warranted for 10 years, so that you can unleash the best at impeccable prices.

Let’s Become Independent with Solar Battery Cairns

Despite of the benefits that solar energy has to offer, its real power cannot be experienced in the outdated systems. This is why; Nationwide Solar Solution have developed robust and sustainable off-grid electric systems that make you independent, allowing using solar power every time.

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One of our happy clients:

We are very happy with the installation and service
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “We had Solar panels and Inverter installed by RePlus Solar but we had difficulties with communication and the results did not meet the sales pitch expectations.The quote was done from satellite. and I could not get them to send a tradesman.The instillation traddie was good. When the Growatt inverter failed soon after two years we chose to replace it with a Sungrow inverter from Nationwide Solar Solution that was Battery ready.This time the service is beyond the expectations.They are highly recommended and the tradesmen are excellent.We look forward to having them install batteries next year. We now have added an LG battery to our set up.This was purchased and installed through Nationwide Solar.We are very happy with the installation and service.The instillation technician was good to work with and very considerate.” – Dorothy and Daryll Hall
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We can design a solar system and payment plan to match your electricity bill. 'Going solar' won't cost you any more than you are already spending on electricity.

If you would like to learn more about how solar works, please contact us - one of our solar specialists will explain the full benefits.

Find out how much the government rebate you are entitled to!
The federal government solar rebate is available to reduce the cost of installing solar to eligible home owners. State government incentives are also available.
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$0 Deposit 5 Years Interest Free Payment Plans Available

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The Federal Government Solar Rebate is available to help you save on your Solar Installation!