Solar Batteries Australia

Best Solar Batteries Australia

Solar battery technology has come a long way and the latest 4th generation lithium-ion battery technology has fundamental differences that separate them from older battery technology. You can de charge the battery to 10% giving you a massive 90% usage as most other solar batteries need to store more energy in order to re charge. The battery warranty period is 10 years and will be guarantee 80% capacity after 10 years, which means the battery will perform for 1 hour less. The battery is plug and play, which means if you plan on selling your home you can unplug the battery and take it with you to install on another solar system.

LG Chem is one of the leading battery manufactures and comes in a range of sizes from 3.3KW to 13KW in low voltage or high voltage options to meet the compatibility requirements of several inverter brands. If your inverter is a hybrid model it means it can connect to a battery, however if your inverter is not a hybrid model it can be connected to a battery by adding a Retrofit Kit which is an additional inverter that connects the battery to the inverter allowing battery connectivity on any solar system and allow the system to run off the battery in the event of a blackout. This feature is called EPS emergency power supply, which kicks in automatically in the event of a blackout, so your not left in the dark.

If you would like to know what battery size is best for your power needs or would like to know more about the different batteries available, contact us and a solar specialists will assist you.


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