LG Neon 2

With over 30 years in the solar industry, LG flaunts it’s Tier 1 manufacturer status, holding numerous awards for its ultra-efficient cell technology, industry leading warranties and customer service.

Designed for durability, LG solar modules are made with slim and durable glass to be light in weight while also being able to withstand heavy loads up to 5400 Pa. The module frame is uniquely anodized to increase durability and minimize damage from rain and salty sea wind.

The LG solar manufacturing plant also contains state-of-the art testing laboratories, testing daily for product quality and performance. All LG modules are tested via an Electroluminescence inspection after manufacture that can detect micro-cracks invisible to the naked eye. This also includes a rigorous Life Cycle Assessment from raw materials to end of use, helping to choose the materials with the least environmental impact.

Power Rating: 320W – 375W
Efficiency: 19.3% – 21.7%
Output Warranty: 25 year linear performance warranty
Product Warranty: 10 year product warranty