LG Chem

  • Warranty: At the 10 years mark, LG Chem guarantees up to 80% of the original energy retainment (compared to 60% of other battery companies).
  • Cell Technology: Utilises ‘Pouch Cells’ that are proven to be safer and more efficient than other cell types on the market.
  • Discharge Rate: The battery can drain to 10% before having to recharge (rather than the 30% of other batteries on the market)
  • Average Cycles: The battery averages 6000 cycles during its product life (compared to 4000 of other battery options)
  • Installation: Indoor and outdoor installation available. Floor and wall installations available.

About LG Chem
LG Chem is ranked as one of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers with over 29,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing a diverse range of energy storage products for solar systems, electric vehicles, portable electronics and stationary applications. This large range of lithium battery systems has positioned LG Chem as on the industry leaders in residential and commercial solar energy storage.