Canadian Solar

Established in 2001 in Ontario Canada, Canadian Solar is one of the three biggest solar companies in the world. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, Brazil and South East Asian countries, Canadian Solar now has module manufacturing capacity and has delivered more than 36 GW of premium quality solar modules to customers in over 160 countries in the past 18 years.

Canadian Solar & Diamond panels are different from most as the usual plastic back sheet is replaced with another layer of glass. The solar cells are encased in a glass sandwich, reducing the rate at which they deteriorate. The panels are designed to withstand loads of up to 5400Pa from the front, and up to 2400Pa wind load from the sides.

With ever evolving technology and a brilliant global reputation, Canadian solar continues to be a market leading product and a great investment for your residence.

Power rating: 275W – 340W
Efficiency: 16.5% – 19.3%
Output Warranty: 25 year manufacturer warranty
Product Warranty: 10 year product warranty