The inverter receives power through cables from the solar panels and turns the DC energy (battery power) in to AC energy (electricity) and feeds the power into your meter box to power your home. It also send the excess power to the grid so you can get a feed in tariff credit to offset your night time electricity usage.

The inverter is the brains of the solar system and connects to an app which provides system performance data, including how much power is being generated, how much power your home is using and how much power is being sent to the grid. If you have a battery connected to the inverter, it will tell you the battery level and allows you to minimise your power usage when the battery is empty.

Inverters come in a range of sizes from 1.5KW up to 27KW in single and 3 phase options. If your property is single phase you will need a single phase inverter, if your property is 2 phase, you will need 2 x single phase inverters (one for each phase) and if your property is 3 phase you will need 1 x 3 phase inverter or 3 x single phase inverters (one for each phase).

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