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Longi Solar

Established in 2000, Longi Solar has become an internationally revered solar panel manufacturer, establishing themselves among the top companies of the world.

After entering PV Module production, LONGi have been referred to as the fastest growing PV module manufacturer skyrocketing to an estimated 18GW of production capacity in 2020 (according to Bloomberg NEF) making them the largest Solar Panel manufacturer in the world.

LONGi Solar Panels retain more power capacity through their lifetime with a warrantied degradation rate of 0.55% per year for the Mono module and 0.45% per year for the Bifacial module compared to a traditional degradation rate of 0.7%. For the Hi-MO3 and Hi-MO4 mono modules this means they will be producing 1.85% more after 10 years and 3.35% more after 20 years.

Longi undertakes extensive product testing, covering routine tests of IEC and UL, while also posting excellent performance in third-party testing, from the likes of RETC, DNV GL and The PV Magazine. Their panels can withstand loads of up to 5400Pa on their front, and 2400Pa for wind load on the rear side.

Power Rating: 370W
Efficiency: 18.6% – 19.6%
Output Warranty: 25 Year linear performance warranty
Product Warranty: 10-12 year product warranty*


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