Our solar specialists can reduce your electricity bill up to 100% We offer a free bill analysis to show how much you can save by switching to solar.

Are you spending over $350 each quarter on electricity? Electricity prices are currently rising by more than 10% every year, so the sooner you make the switch to solar the sooner you can start saving. It takes an average of 5 years for a solar system to be paid off, then your family can enjoy free electricity for the life of the system. We have affordable, low-interest financing loans available which means your repayments are the same or less than the amount you’re currently spending on electricity.



When sunlight hits your solar panels, it produces DC energy that is sent via cables to the inverter, which turns DC into AC electricity that feeds your home to supply all your daytime energy needs. Any spare power is either sent to the battery to recharge it (for battery systems) or to the utility grid earning a “Feed-In Tariff” from your electricity provider that helps to offset your night time usage and further reduce the cost of your bill. If you choose a battery system, this will provide energy that has been stored during the day to use at night. Whether you need a battery system or battery ready system, our solar specialists can recommend the right system for your energy needs.

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1. Solar Panels

Capture sunlight during the day and convert it into Direct Current (DC)

2. Inverter

Receives DC from the panels and converts it into Alternate Current (AC – the electricity you use in your home). You use this electricity when you need it, and send any excess back to the grid or to a battery storage system.

3. Battery Storage

Means Any excess energy your system generates can be stored for use later even when the sun is not shining. When the battery is fully charged, you can send the excess energy back to the grid (step 5).

4. Digital Meter

Measures your electricity usage, and can tell you more about your energy habits.

5. Power Grid

Receives any excess energy you generate. A feed-in tariff can allow you to Earn credits on your bill for that excess electricity.
You can also draw the extra electricity back from the grid if your system does not generate enough.

Solar Panels with Installer
The Best Warranty Available

We recommend the best solar brands with local warranty, so In the unlikely event your system fails it will be repaired or replaced within 14 days!

The manufacturer’s warranty is only as good as the company that is offering it, so if the manufacturer is no longer in business then you need to replace the system at your own cost.

For this reason, we have an extra level of warranty protection for ultimate peace of mind. Solar Support Plus is Available in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, and covers your solar system for repair or replacement within 14 days so you are not stuck with an electricity bill waiting for your system to be fixed.

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