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The Australian Government has a Renewable Energy Target that offers financial incentives for both residential and commercial participants. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme provides an upfront discount for you to purchase a solar system for your home or business.

If you have opted to include a battery bank into your solar system, your solar system will draw from the battery. Otherwise, your solar system can go into standby mode and your power will then be drawn from the electrical grid. It is also possible for your system to simultaneously generate electricity from your panels and import from the utility grid when the weather is overcast.

Most of our solar systems are connected to the grid which means the solar panels only work when there is electricity. Nationwide Solar Systems do offer a solution – an EPS blackout protection system which will switch your power to run from your battery pack.

The optimal angles for solar panels all depend on your house’s location as well as the size and orientation of your roof. Generally, a north-facing roof will be more exposed to sunlight. East and west facing roofs are slightly less efficient but are still viable. Nationwide Solar Solutions utilises high-resolution aerial maps and can confirm your house’s eligibility for solar panels when you call in for a quote.

Credits will appear on your electricity bill after the installation is completed. Specific details about your credits such as the itemisation of the amount of electricity your system has exported during the billing period will differ with each electricity provider.

Most of our products carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty excluding solar panels which have a 25 year manufacturer warranty. Nationwide Solar Solutions also offers Solar Support Plus which provides protection in the unlikely event that the manufacturer of your product dissolves.

Solar Installation

Once we receive your deposit, we will begin the application process. The first step is the Solar Approval, this will give us permission from your local electricity provider to connect your system to the utility grid. This approval can take up to 6 weeks to process and it is necessary for the installation to begin. The physical installation will depend on when you are available to receive the system components and meet the installer.

We offer a few different payment solutions including low to no interest loans that are government subsidised. Financing options do require at least 50% down payment to begin the installation process.

We can install solar panels using tilt framing at the ideal angle and orientation to maximise the amount of electricity generated from your house’s location.

Solar systems require an interval or smart meter that can record the energy you export to the electrical grid as well as what you import from the grid. If you still have a traditional accumulation meter (with the spinning disk) you may need to have a new meter installed.

Solar panels don’t usually need much maintenance to keep running efficiently, the occasional rain shower will prove the panels to be essentially self-cleaning. However, if your panel tilt is minimal, dust and substances such as bird droppings can build up overtime which then impacts the amount of electricity generated by your system. If this is the case with your solar panels, it would be best to contact a professional solar cleaning and maintenance service.

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