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Warranty: At the 10 years mark, Enphase guarantees up to 80% of the original energy retainment.
Cell Technology: Utilises ‘Pouch Cells’ that are designed to be lighter and to conserve space.
Discharge Rate: The battery utilises up to 100% of its battery capacity
Average Cycles: The battery averages 7300 cycles during its product life.
Installation: Wall mounted installation available. Indoor installation available.

About Enphase
Californian brand ‘Enphase’ has grown to be a leading innovator in the global energy technology market since 2006. Operating in 21 countries with 600+ global employees, they have successfully shipped over 27 million products. Entering their 7th generation of technology, you can have the peace of mind that Enphase will be a reliable addition to your home.

Micro-inverter and Battery Technology
Enphase introduced the world’s first microinverter system in 2008, revolutionising the solar market. Now in their 7th generation of micro-inverter technology, Enphase offers the most advanced solar inverter technology in the world with their higher production, greater reliability and unmatched intelligence.
Enphase technology allows for seamless integration of solar and storage, combining their revolutionary micro-inverter technology with their lithium iron phosphate battery storage solutions. These batteries are available in a 1.2kWh size option.

Enphase features industry leading depth of discharge rates and DC round-trip efficiency. Depth of discharge refers to the percentage of a battery energy that has been discharged relative to the overall capacity of the battery. The Enphase battery boasts a depth of discharge rate of up to 100%. The DC round-trip efficiency is the measure of electrical losses involved in charging and discharging the battery; the higher the efficiency percentage, the more efficient the battery is in converting incoming electricity into usable power. The Enphase battery option has an impressive 96% round-trip rate.

The installation of the Enphase battery is debatably the simplest in the solar market, able to be installed in less than 2 hours by a single installer. The battery is first by installed on a mounting a bracket on studs, then connecting the battery with standard AC wiring before being hung and secured to the mounting bracket.

All Enphase batteries are TUV Rheinland certified, ensuring up-to-date industry standard compliance and professional manufacturing procedures. Their use of pouch cells from A123 (developer and manufacturer) makes the most efficient use of space whilst being extremely safe and stable. The lithium iron phosphate chemistry from A123 allows for a longer cycle life with no single point of failure.

The Enphase battery warranty is 10 years based upon 2 main factors – the remaining capacity and energy throughput based on charge and discharge cycles. All batteries reduce capacity over time due to internal cell degradation, this is not a flaw in the product quality. The Enphase warranty ensures the retained storage capacity is at least 80% of the initial battery’s nominal (original amount) capacity at 7,300 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first.


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