Nationwide Solar Solutions is an Australian owned company and a Clean Energy Council member, providing quality solar installation for residential, commercial and off grid systems Australia wide. We have over 100 Clean Energy Council accredited installers in our network so you’re guaranteed a professional and compliant installation every time from a local installer in your area.

We use quality Tier 1 solar panels, inverters, racking, isolators and wiring to provide the highest quality solar installation using the best solar installers in the industry. Our 7 day repair or replace guarantee gives our customers peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with the system, it will be up and running again within 1 week, so you don’t have to worry about expensive power bills.

Whether you are looking at getting solar installed for the first time, or you want to upgrade or replace your existing system, we can help. Our solar specialist can design a system to reduce your power bill up to 100%. We use a program called Nearmap which uses high resolution photographs that allows us to design your roof layout, see how many panels can fit and ensure there are no shading issues. Our customer service team will take care of your solar approval and arrange for your metering to be completed, while keeping you updated throughout the process.


We are a Clean Energy Council member so you are guaranteed a compliant and professional installation through our team of Clean Energy Council accredited installers & we offer a 10 year warranty on the installation.


7 Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee

Our 7 day repair or replace guarantee means in the unlikely event that your system has a fault, it will be fixed within 1 week guaranteed.  

Local Installers  

We have over 100 installation partners within our network around Australia, which means you have the benefit of a local company installing your solar system and the buying power of a national company to supply your system.

If the local company goes out of business, any one of the installers in our network will cover the warranty, so you have a double layer of protection.

Tier 1 Solar Panels

We offer the best quality Tier 1 solar panels, which offer the highest quality moisture & hail resistant panels,whilst ensuring magnificent efficiency & power generation

Solar Approvals & Metering

As part of our service we arrange your solar approval & book in metering, whilst keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

Wi-Fi Monitoring System Performance & Fault Detection

All inverters come with built in Wi-Fi to connect to an app so you can monitor the system performance on your mobile device or the website.

The app allows you to see the system performance including the power being generated, how much power is going to the grid to calculate your feed in tariff credit, how much power your home is using and if you have a battery connected it will display the battery charge level, so you know when to minimise your power use in the evening after the battery is empty.

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