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How much does a 6.6 kW solar system cost?

The cost of each solar system depends on variable aspects related to the components and the installation of the same. However, our company offers you 6.6 KW solar systems starting at $ 3,950.

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How many KW does a 6.6 kW solar panel system generate?

As long as the solar panel is facing north, a 6.6 kW system will produce an average of 20 to 24 kWh of electrical current per day.

Is a 6 kW solar system sufficient to provide electricity to a house?

Factors such as solar panel amount and models, their orientation and the quality of the equipment must be considered in this regard. However, generally speaking, a 6 kW PV system should produce around 24 kWh of electricity per day, which is more than average Australian household consumption.

Also, the increase in the electricity bill will not be a matter of concern when you receive guests who need hot showers.

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What are the advantages of a 6.6 kW solar panel system with a battery?

A backup battery allows you to store energy during the day for use at night or during power outages. Besides, as it happens with all high-quality solar systems, it will reduce your electricity bill or even reach zero, plus you will be contributing to the environment by using this type of clean and renewable energy.

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How many solar panels comprise a 6 kWh solar system?

Between 15 and 24 solar panels make up a 6 kW power system. However, only 18 panels are needed if you install efficient 350-watt panels.

Keep in mind that the most efficient solar panels are expensive, but if there is enough room in your property for 20 solar panels, you shouldn’t have any problem if you decide to install the less efficient ones.

How much space is needed to install a 6 kW solar system?

A 6 kW solar system requires a minimum of 450 square feet of space.

How much power does a solar panel of just 1kW produce?

A 1 kW solar system is equivalent to three 330-watt solar panels. This means that a solar panel produces approximately 1.33 units of electricity per day, 40 units of electricity per month, and 480 units of electricity per year.

How about one of 2 kW?

If the roof used for the installation only has space for 8 panels (1.7 m x 1 m), it will only allow you to install a 2 kW solar panel system. It has a return on investment of 4-5 years and will let you reduce your electricity bill.

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How much does a 3 kW battery last?

The duration of the energy stored in the 3 kW battery is variable, as it depends on its use. E.g. If you need 3 kilowatts, such a battery would be drained after six hours.

Does a 5 kW solar panel system provide enough electrical power for residential use?

It depends on the quality, location and arrangement of the panels, in addition to the average electricity consumption of the place where this system is installed. However, a high-quality 5 kW solar panel system could generate enough energy to meet the energy consumption requirements of an Australian home, which typically are 22 units per day.

How much energy is produced by a 10 kW solar system?

10 kW solar systems will produce between 11,000 and 15,000 kWh annually. This amount of power is usually enough to cover the annual energy consumption of an average American home.

With this system, you can save more than $ 1,000 in a year depending on where you live and your average electricity consumption.

How many solar panels are needed to power a residence?

If you install a standard 250-watt solar power set in your home, you will need between 28 and 34 solar panels to cover all your needs. Many households use around 10,400 kWh annually.

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Our 6.6kw Solar System Brisbane company is here for you if you want to install this or any of the abovementioned solar systems on your Brisbane-based property.

Why should you hire us? Nationwide Solar Solutions has the most professional team of certified and licensed installers who use only first-rate solar equipment. Learn more about our products:

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Also, we offer you:

✔️ Tier 1 quality solar panels, isolators, racking, wiring and inverters.
✔️ Over 100 local installers all over Australia.
✔️ 10-year warranties for our batteries, solar panels and inverters and installation, and a 7-Day Repair Or Replace Guarantee
✔️ High-quality solar-energy installation for residential, commercial and off-grid areas.

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“My partner and I were lucky enough to win our solar system from Nationwide at the Brisbane home show earlier in 2019. We had actually decided we would purchase our solar through them anyway as upon speaking to a number of solar providers at the event we quickly came to the conclusion that Nationwide where the people to go with. The depth of their knowledge was immediately obvious and they took a very straightforward, facts based approach when speaking to us. The team they sent to measure and design the installation were highly professional and did an awesome job and Toby has been incredibly helpful, not just leading up to the install, but afterwards too, providing assistance with getting the app up and running as well as advice on giving our electricity provider a bit of a hurry up. Also worth noting is the 6.0kw system they provided has so far been producing an average of 33 kw/h daily and it’s not even summer yet! 10/10, highly recommended.” – Morgan Koury
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