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How To Unlock The 45c NSW Solar Feed-In-Tariff!

We don’t have to tell you that ‘Sydney living’ can be expensive… luckily, there are still plenty of ways to save money without changing your lifestyle!

More and more people who live in New South Wales are using solar power to lower their energy costs. Now, you can use your solar system to unlock even more savings, with Solar Feed-In-Tariffs (FiTs).
Discover how to unlock serious savings on your next power bill by going solar. Enjoy Australia’s highest Solar Feed-In-Tariff at 45c/kWh!

Discover Energy’s 45c NSW Solar Feed-In-Tariff is the BEST IN NSW!

sydney australia travel posterIf you’re living in Sydney, you already know how expensive life can be. From rent to parking; property prices to avocado toast!

So when it comes to your power bill, it would be nice to slash your costs and pay less without changing your lifestyle, right?

Well… thanks to our partnership with Discover Energy, you can!

Solar panel systems and battery installations are booming in demand across Sydney, as more and more homeowners look to take advantage of generating excess clean, renewable solar energy, which can be exported back to the grid in return for bill credits – known as solar feed-in-tariffs.

That’s how you power your home and enjoy all of the amenities you’re used to, while making massive savings… and supporting Australia’s transition to 100% renewable energy! It’s win, win, win!

But how much can you really save?

At Nationwide Solar, we partnered with Discover Energy to offer the HIGHEST Solar Feed-In-Tariff in New South Wales: 45c/kWh. If you’re ready to pay off your solar unit with bill credits, while playing your part in keeping the lights on across New South Wales… read on to learn more!

Take Your Excess Solar Energy and Return it to the Grid For Bill Credits… and a Faster ‘Buyback’ Period!

24.6% (close to a quarter) of households in New South Wales are utilising solar power in their homes.

If you’re in that group, or just considering making the switch to solar power, you can look forward to lower maintenance costs and cheaper energy prices… but that’s not all. When you return excess power to the NSW grid, you’ll receive rewards in the form of a Solar Feed-In-Tariff (FiT)!

This is similar to the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme, which rewards you with 10 cents for every plastic bottle and can you return. Instead of a small slice of change, you’re rewarded with credits on your bill. These credits don’t just reduce your energy costs, but can help you cover the cost of your solar system. The process of covering your system’s cost is known as the ‘buyback’ period.

The FiT scheme is an appealing advantage to New South Wales residents – many of whom are paying some of the highest electricity prices in Australia.

It’s no secret that electricity prices have been rising annually across Australia – electricity prices rose by 54% just in the last decade, with a further 3% rise in costs expected by 2022.

While Solar Feed-In-Tariffs have typically been low, the Australian Government allows for retailers to set their own FiTs, allowing consumers to unlock serious savings through the right solar provider.

How do Solar Feed-in-Tariffs Work?

Here’s the short and sharp version:

A Solar Feed-In-Tariff is the rate you’re paid for exporting solar power back into the grid.

Keep in mind, not every energy provider offers the same FiT, so you need to know where to look for optimal savings.

A Sydney household generating power through a qualified solar system can feed your extra energy back into the electrical grid for other NSW homes and businesses to use.  As a reward for doing your part to power Sydney and NSW, your energy provider adds a credit to your bill for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) you export.

If your Sydney house generates 30 kWh of electricity on a hot December day, but you only consume 10 kWh of electricity watching the Rabbitohs play the Tigers on a Saturday afternoon, the remaining 20 kWh is exported to the grid.

And you get a Solar Feed-In-Tariff!

The right Solar Feed-In-Tariff is the secret to serious savings. It’s also a proven way to reduce financial pressure on your home. So, the only question now is… how much is the Solar Feed-In-Tariff in NSW?

Will exporting solar power to the grid leave my home in the dark?

Not at all.

Sydney may not enjoy the same amount of sun as Perth or Brisbane… but that doesn’t mean your roof cannot be used to support the NSW grid.

As a cost-effective and sustainable energy source, the solar power your panels generate during the day will go towards powering your lifestyle. Keeping the lights on, helping you browse Netflix, watching your favourite NRL team – and saving you money.

When the sun slips behind the clouds or night falls, your solar batteries provide your house with power with energy captured and stored during daylight hours. When your home has more than enough power to support your needs, you can export your clean, renewable, solar energy back into the grid.

The amount you receive in bill credits is set by your solar retailer as a set rate per kilowatt-hour for exported energy. This is known as your ‘buyback rate’, and it’s how you pay off a new solar battery system. Just pick the right provider, and go about your life as usual!

How Much Is the Solar Feed-in-Tariff in New South Wales?

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Solar FiTs are set by retailers, so shopping around can help you find the best deal and the highest possible savings.

At Nationwide Solar Solutions, we’re proud to offer the HIGHEST Solar Feed-In-Tariff rate in New South Wales – all to help Sydneysiders and select New South Wales residents reduce bill pressure and attain more financial freedom.

We have partnered with Discover Energy to provide solar battery customers with 45 cents per kWh.

The result? Shorter ‘buyback’ periods and higher ROI on your solar system.

Retailer Min. Solar FiT Max. Solar FiT
Red Energy 6c 15c
AGL 6c 15c
Origin Energy 6c 14c
Discover Energy 9c 45c*
Alinta Energy 0c 11c
Energy Australia 8.5c 8.5c
Dodo 8.5c 8.5c

*Highest solar FiT in Australia

Get to Know Discover Energy

If you’re new to solar, it’s possible to see our market-leading 45c/kWh Solar Feed-In-Tariff rate and wonder how our FiT offer blows Origin’s (14c/kWh) and AGL’s (15c/kWh) out of the water.

This FiT offer is all thanks to our partnership with Discover Energy – our tech-driven energy partner, who are working to advance the sustainable energy revolution by converting your home system into a Virtual Power Plant, or VPP. 

A Virtual Power Plant combines the solar-generated electricity from multiple New South Wales homes into a single power source, which is run by your VPP provider.

Joining a VPP means your energy is distributed to the grid during “surge events” via a smart energy trading system. Discover Energy’s proprietary software provides you with more purchasing power – by “trading” your energy at optimal times, you get New South Wales’ (and Australia’s) highest Solar Feed-In-Tariff rates.

Curious to learn more about joining a Virtual Power Plant? Click here to discover how to save up to $3,000 per year. Test your eligibility!

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Highest Solar FiT in New South Wales?

To be eligible to join Discover Energy’s PPV, you’ll need to be a resident of New South Wales living in the Ausgrid or Essential wholesale areas. You’ll also need a stable internet connection, and the right solar hardware.

Curious as to whether you’re eligible to enjoy Australia’s highest Solar FiT?

Use our online eligibility checker HERE.

Or contact the Nationwide Solar Solutions team for a 100% complimentary consultation! We’ll test your eligibility for the FiT. Discover how much you can save with solar!