4th Generation Technology

LG offers peace of mind with the safest 4th generation battery technology available on the market.

LG has proven to be the market leader in battery technology and currently used in more homes than any other battery system. Whether you need a battery system or battery ready system our solar specialists can recommend the correct system for your energy needs.

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Why choose us

Tier 1 Panels & Inverter

We only use the quality Tier 1 panels with all installations, to ensure you have the best productivity from your system.

Clean Energy Council

Our installers are accredited with the Clean Energy Council, so you’re guaranteed a professional install every time.

Australian Warranty

The brands we recommend come with Australian based warranty, giving you peace of mind if your system fails you will be protected.

We Install Anywhere

We can install solar anywhere in Australia so contact us for a quote today and see how much you can save by switching to solar.

Blackout Protection

We can provide a battery system which also offers blackout protection, so if the power goes out you are not left in the dark.

Battery Systems

Our solar specialists can recommend the right battery solution for your energy needs, from 3KW to 9.8KW solutions.

How Solar Works

Solar is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy and you can harness the power of the sun to produce your own electricity. If you would like to understand how solar works please contact us and one of our solar specialists will explain the benefits of solar and we offer a free bill analysis to see how much you can save by making the switch to solar.