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Nationwide Solar Solutions is an Australian-owned company and a Clean Energy Council member that sells and installs high-quality solar solutions for residential, commercial and off-grid systems.

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We have more than 100 Clean Energy Council accredited installers in our network, so we are ready to install high-quality solar systems in Brisbane, Sydney, the Sunshine and Gold Coast and nationwide.

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Our installation service, by the way, has a ten-year warranty and covers you in case of system faults or potential roof leaks.

We take pride in providing our clients with an outstanding service which is evidenced, among other things, by our 7-day repair or replace guarantee.

However, we rarely need to repair or replace our products, as they are of excellent quality, as you will see below.

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45c Feed In Tariff

We have partnered with Discover Energy to provide our solar battery customers with the highest Feed In Tariff offer in Australia available in selected areas

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What products does Nationwide Solar Solutions offer?

All of our Solar Solutions are tier-1 products. Moreover, we give a 10-year warranty on our solar panels, batteries and inverters. These are our products:

Solar Panels

As is often the case with everything related to technology, solar panels have gotten better and more accessible to the public over the years.

They are available in monocrystalline or polycrystalline, the former being more efficient but also more expensive than the latter and have an average lifespan of 25 years.

Besides, depending on the brand and model, they may have variations regarding the amount of energy they produce.

Either way, the size of a solar system is determined by adding the number of watts of the solar panels that compose it.

Thus, 22 300-watt solar panels make up a 6600 watt or 6.6KW solar system.

Moreover, among the aspects to be taken into account when choosing a solar panel are:

· Power Output
· Efficiency rating
· Moisture protection and hail-repellent qualities
· Over-time power drop-off

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Inverters are sort of solar-systems brains. They are meant to convert the temperature that they receive from solar panels into AC energy, which is the type of electricity we use in our homes.

On the other hand, inverters send the excess of energy produced by your solar system to the grid and this is transformed into feed-in tariffs that you can apply to future electricity bills.

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These devices come from 1.5KW-27 KW and one or three phases.

Our team of professional electricians will be happy to recommend which of these models or combination of them is ideal for installing a solar system in your home or business located in Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Australia.

Moreover, all of our inverters come with built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to check your solar system’s performance on any mobile device that has the respective app installed or on the website from a PC.

Once you enter the app or the website, you will be able to find out about how much power is being generated by your solar system, but also about how much power is going to the grid, to determine the amount of your feed-in tariff credit, in addition to your battery’s charge level.

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Residential Solar Battery Installations


There is a huge gap in terms of efficiency and capacity between the fourth (and latest) generation of solar batteries compared to their predecessors.

Nationwide Solar Solutions offers premium quality batteries with a 10-year warranty. After this period, we guarantee that these batteries will operate at 80% of their capacity.

Also, we offer portable batteries, which you will be able to take to a new property in case you decide to move home or office.

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Power stations

This is a 3-in-1 product, as it works as EPS Emergency Power Supply, inverter and battery, and it’s very convenient for small spaces.

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Why choose Nationwide Solar Solutions?

$0 Deposit 5 Years Interest Free Payment Plans Available

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What are other benefits of hiring Nationwide Solar Solutions?

Premium Isolators, Wiring & Racking

We have solar-protected isolators and high-grade wiring that prevent our solar systems from overheating and the consequent risk of fire. Moreover, we have corrosion-free and cyclone-rated racking capable of withstanding Category 3 cyclones.

Fast Installation

Our average installation time is only 2 weeks, unlike other companies that make their customers have to wait up to two months for the installation of their solar system.

Blackout protection

Our solar battery service protects you if your area’s electrical service does not work at a certain time for any reason.

Solar Approvals & Metering

Part of our service includes the arranging of your solar approval & book in metering, whilst keeping you posted during the whole process.

Does Nationwide Solar Solutions offer payment plans options?

You bet! You can check all the information about it on our payment plan options page.

How can I find out what my government rebate is?

You only have to fill in certain data in our government-rebates calculator and one of our experts will contact you with that information.

How do I know exactly how much I should pay to install a solar system in my home or office?

This depends on many variables such as the location of your property, sun exposure, as well as the brand of the devices that would make up your chosen solar system.

In any case, you can get to free solar quote from one of our experts and we will give you all the information you need to know in this regard.

Please contact us for further information.

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Nationwide Solar Solutions showcases our quality solar installations on the channel 10 TV series Healthy Homes Australia
and talk about the exclusive 45c feed in tariff offer for battery customers in selected areas.

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Nationwide Solar Solutions are major exhibitors at the Home Show and we are the exclusive solar company at the EKKA show since 2017

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We can design a solar system and payment plan to match your electricity bill, so going solar won’t cost you any more than you are already spending on electricity.

If you would like to learn more about how solar works please contact us and one of our solar specialists will explain the full benefits.

The federal government solar rebate is available to reduce the cost of installing solar to eligible home owners. State government incentives are also available.
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